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About Commercial & Auto Collision


An Automobile & Truck Body Shop, Top-Rated, Family-Owned Premier Auto Collision Repair Center in Los Angeles and Orange County. Experience Counts! With over 40 years of experience in Auto, Truck & RV Body Shop Repair, auto restoration and Painting Repair Industry, you are guaranteed a quality job the very first time!

Today, more than ever, Commercial & Auto Collision & Truk Pro's Inc. Body Shop is committed to provide superior quality repair for its customers. With professionally trained staff, we make the repair process easy for you; from towing your car, tractor, RV or Commercial Truck, to getting your vehicle back to its original look and feel.

C.A.C & Truk Pro's Inc. Auto & Truck Body Shop meets a set of highly rigorous standards in workmanship, customer service and absolute legal compliance with local, state and federal statutes, including those mandated by OSHA, EPA and the Department of Building and Safety.

At Commercial & Auto Collision & Truk Pro's Inc., we offer a wide variety of services from a simple dent to frame and/or structural repairs, custom paint work, fiber glass, aluminum repair, fabrication, mechanical and electrical work.

Out-of-Pocket Repairs| Community Direct Services | Lease Turn-Back


Truk Pro's Inc. and C.A.C. Collision Repair Center deals directly with the community. Policy Holders sometimes sustain damage to their vehicles, as damage can arise from a number of unfortunate scenarios, including accidents, natural disasters and even vandalism. Customer Care is central to our philosophy at Truk Pro's Inc. and C.A.C. Collision Repair Center. Truk Pro's Inc. & C.A.C. has combined a solid work ethic with the best practices to ensure that our customers receive the best service.

Customer Care for individuals dealing with Out-of-Pocket Expense is critical. Customers find value in repairing vehicles for various reasons, such as resale value, end of lease, or a recently purchased vehicle. Truk Pro's Inc. & C.A.C. provides a warm & professional reception to members of our community.

We understand that getting your vehicle back as fast as possible is essential. C.A.C & Truk Pro's Inc. Collision Repair Center operates from 7:30 am - 10:00 P.M. providing the maximum amount of time to work on your vehicle.

A message from the President

On behalf of Commercial & Auto Collision family, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to restore your vehicle. Here at C.A.C & Truk Pro’s Inc. Collision Repair, you, our customer, are our first and foremost concern.

We take pride in the combination of our experience, judgment and technical skills. If you have a need of our services again in the future, we will do everything today in our power to justify your continued trust.

Our reputation is built on quality, integrity and personal touch. If at any time, during the restoration period, you feel you are not completely satisfied, please call or write directly to me.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service you,

Jose J Pinon
Owner - President