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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does my Insurance Company have the right to tell me where to take my vehicle to be repaired?

No, by State of California Law, it is your right to have your vehicle repaired at the auto body shop of your choice.

+ How well do you work with my Insurance Company?

CAC Commercial & Auto Collision is a preferred repair facility for most major insurance companies and we have decades of experience working with all insurance companies to ensure as timely and convenient an auto body repair process as possible.

+ How does the process work if some one hit my vehicle?

If you are not at fault and you have the insurance information of the party that caused the accident, our office will contact that insurance company to determine if a claim has been opened and if that company has accepted liability for the loss. Once liability has been accepted, our office will obtain approval to begin the inspection and repair process.

+ Am I entitled to get a rental vehicle?

Yes, once the Insurance at fault accepts liability we can contact the inside adjuster and set up a rental with out you paying anything out of pocket.

+ Can I go through my Insurance Company and have them go after the other party's Ins Co?

Yes, this is always an option to you.

+ If I need to pay for a rental car do you offer discount?

Yes, we have contracts with most major rental car companies and you as our costumer are entitle to our discounted rates.

+ How long will it take for my vehicle to be repaired?

The extent of the damage, the availability of parts (new, used, after market), and even the insurance company are all factors determining how long the repairs to your vehicle will take. CAC Commercial & Auto Collision always strives to complete auto body repairs ahead of schedule. In most cases, your vehicle will be completed before the promise date given.

+ Will the paint match?

Yes, all of our paint is mixed in house and with our Paint Team Techniques you will always get right color match.

+ Do I need Insurance to use Commercial & Auto Collision?

No, we have been servicing the light to heavy duty industry community for years.

+ Does Commercial & Auto Collision offers warranty on the repairs done to my vehicle?

Yes, we warrant all repairs performed by us for as long as you own your vehicle.

+ Is there a charge for an estimate?


+ Do I need to have an appointment?

No, you can simply walk in the door.